City of Ferrara

Ferrara, with a population of 130.000, is a cyclist and pedestrian-friendly city with a high quality of life. It is also a lively cultural centre.

Founded in the 6th Century, an important trading and political centre in the Middle Ages, Ferrara was at the height of its splendour under the rule of the Este family in the 15th and 16th Centuries.

The Estense Duchy acted as a patron to some of the most important scholars and artists of that time.

In 1995, UNESCO granted the city World Heritage status as an example of a city planned in the Renaissance still keeping its historical centre intact, surrounded by more than 9 kilometres of ancient walls.

Reminiscences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance live on in palaces, churches and museums.

Yearly events include:

• the Palio: celebrations, parades, flag-throwing competitions and a spectacular horse race in the city center (;

• Buskers Festival: the world biggest event dedicated to street performance (;

• ‘Internazionale’ Festival: lectures and meetings regarding international politics and economy involving journalists and authors from all over the world (;

• 1000 Miglia: a vintage car race throughout Italy (