University of Ferrara

The University of Ferrara, founded in 1391, is one of the oldest universities in Italy. Prominent figures such as Copernicus and Paracelsus studied here.

Today, its twelve Departments offer some fifty degree programmes, ranging from Architecture to Design, from Medicine to Engineering, from Physics to Biotechnologies and Literature.

The quality of education and research, and the facilities available to students and guests, make Ferrara a top-ranking University in Italy.

The whole city is a dynamic campus, fostering interaction among national and international students.

The University of Ferrara is among the founders and leading partners of various international networks, such as Routes Towards Sustainability (see http://

It is fully committed to a policy of equal opportunities (http://www.

A number of services, in addition to those supplied by the Departments, are provided to students and guests by the University as such, including support in finding accommodation in Ferrara.

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