Ferrara School of Law

Outstanding students with a strong international focus may obtain this Diploma



The “Ferrara School of Law Diploma” will be awarded to LL.M. students with an outstanding academic record and a strong international focus, mastering at least one foreign legal language at excellent level. Specific support for access to high level traineeship and employment will be provided to the best FSL laureates.

The requirements for obtaining the Diploma are:

  • an average exam grade of 27/30;
  • participation in at least one curricular international mobility programme during the LL.M.;
  • sitting a significant share of curricular exams in a language other than Italian;
  • writing the final dissertation in a language other than Italian; alternatively, choosing a topic of international or transnational relevance and writing a long abstract of the dissertation in a language other than Italian;
  • graduating no later than in the 6th year of studies.

For further information, please visit: http://www.unife.it/studenti/internazionalizzazione/ferrara-school-of/ferrara-school